10 very effective personal finance ideas

There are certain strategies that if you follow will improve your personal finances, and even make your retirement possible. Here are some common sense tips which can really help you to achieve your personal finance goals in an effective manner. These recommendations can save you a lot of money in future and help in establishing a proper

Find ways to earn money, invest it and save it where it is required. One way is to earn additional money is to work over-time. If that is not the most suitable option for you then you can search for part-time, casual and seasonal employment opportunities. You could get a less expensive home which is closer to your work and you can easily save a bus fare on your way to office. Get experienced in your own field and make your demand at office.

Get rid of actively managed funds. In his book money mastery, Tony Robbins explains that you want index funds not managed funds. In this way you will save tens and thousands in fees.

Buy an annuity from investment group which offers you quite low fees. It is not a good idea to give your retirement funds to a sales person. If you are really worried about your retirement income, it’s advisable to have an indexed annuity or two that mature when you are above 70.

If you got hold of some extra funds that you can afford to lose, consider option of speculating in individual stocks. If you are smart, have market experience and willing to learn you could search for stocks on your own. It can help you to earn a lot of income which can also be used to get rid of old debts and further investment opportunities can be enhanced accordingly.

Invest all of your half-pay increases. If you are young and you make this your habit, you will get beneficial at the end. It can enhance your funds at your old age.

Saving is one of the most workable advice. Eat less expensive food, ride on public transports, if possible walk more. Go to a discount super markets which offer low priced products. Also, try to use discount coupons on products. In this way, you can save a small chunk of money but at the end, it will matter a lot.

Resist pressures from the salesman, don’t get lured through expensive and attractive advertisements. Be wary of all the advertisements on TV and in magazines. Try to avoid the lucrative options available for you. Also, kindly do not ever take a loan to fulfill your desires. Once you take a loan to fulfill your desire, slowly it becomes a habit for you and you keep on repeating this mistake.

It is advisable to buy protective “puts” for large and risky holdings. A golden rule here is to remember to play with the house’s money. That is to take away your principal amount and leave profits invested.

It is always important to take a long-term view. It doesn’t mean that you should neglect the short-term focus but always maintain a long-term vision. Ask yourself where your spending, employment and investment are leading you in the future and what impact it will create for you in the long-term.

It is also important to ask important questions to your brain like whether you can afford a specific product or service you intend to buy? If not, then why is that so? How can you manage your finances properly to use that product or service in future? Is there an urgent need to take a loan?

Incorporating these ideas and more such ideas will lead to a bigger net worth in the coming years. And make your personal finance management easier than ever before. These strategies will help you to achieve better results in the long-term.


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